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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) Season 5
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
Original channel 4Kids TV
Original run March 24, 2007 – May 3, 2008
Home video release
DVD release date May 20, 2008
Season chronology
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The "Ninja Tribunal" arc (12 episodes) was originally intended to be season five of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, but the schedule was changed to try to increase interest in the series and "Fast Forward" became the fifth season to air on commercial TV. After the scheduling change was made, Mirage and its partners decided to finish production on the "Ninja Tribunal" episodes and release them directly to DVD. 4Kids Entertainment later signed a deal with Comcast and this season began airing on Comcast-On-Demand in August 2006. Mass confusion ensued regarding which season was officially season five and which was season six. However, after airing five episodes Comcast stopped airing the episodes.[1]

The "Ninja Tribunal" episodes were scheduled to be released on DVD sometime in early 2007, but 4Kids Entertainment later removed them from their release schedule.[1] 4Kids started showing the episodes starting on February 16, 2008. Although the title doesn't appear in the show itself, the season was promoted in commercials as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Lost Episodes.[2] The DVD set was released on May 20, 2008.[1]

The "Nightmares Recycled" episode was never completed. The script was finished and some animation had begun when 4Kids pulled the plug because it was deemed too controversial and violent for a children's program (Hun and the Garbageman were conjoined twins that were surgically separated at birth by a back-alley surgeon with the Garbageman being discarded as 'garbage'). Since there was no chance of it airing, it was shelved in the early stages of production.[3]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was produced by Mirage Studios, 4 Kids Entertainment, 4Kids Productions, and Dong Woo Animation and distributed by 4 Kids Entertainment and was aired on Fox's Saturday morning kids' block in the US.[4] The producers were Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, and Joellyn Marlow for the American team; Tae Ho Han was the producer for the Korean team.[4]

List of episodes[edit]

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written By Original airdate TV Broadcast
105 1 "Lap of the Gods" Roy Burdine Christopher Yost February 16, 2008 S05E01
Abducted by the Ninja Tribunal and separated from Master Splinter, the Turtles and the human Acolytes are taken to Japan to begin their training. And they're going to need it, because the ancient evil they've been drafted to fight is on its way… and it's frighteningly familiar.
106 2 "Demons and Dragons" Roy Burdine Joe Kelly February 23, 2008 S05E02
The Turtles begin training with the mysterious Ninja Tribunal, experimenting with new powers and weapons. After securing the first of the Tribunal’s Lost Artifacts, our heroes learn to their horror that the “great evil” they are destined to face is the long-imprisoned spirit of the one, true Shredder!
107 3 "Legend of the Five Dragons" Roy Burdine Danny Fingeroth March 1, 2008 S05E03
The Turtles train with the Ninja Tribunal to prevent the resurrection of the Shredder. But when Splinter and the Ancient One express serious doubts about trusting the Tribunal, leaving the Turtles confused. If they all agree on the goal, why the doubts? To explain the danger to the Turtles, Splinter and the Ancient One reveal the secret history of the Tribunal… including the true origin of the Shredder!
108 4 "More Worlds Than One" Roy Burdine Christopher Yost March 8, 2008 S05E04
The Turtles and company continue their training under the Ninja Tribunal, learning to fight in the physical as well as mental and spiritual worlds. They’re going to need that knowledge, because the second artifact of the Shredder has been found, guarded by a horde of nasty tengu demons that eat Acolytes for breakfast… literally!
109 5 "Beginning of the End" Roy Burdine Joe Kelly March 15, 2008 S05E05
Returning to the Tribunal Monastery with the second Lost Artifact, things seem to be going well for our heroes when old foes infiltrate the monastery. With all three artifacts in the hands of evil, they plan a sneak attack on the Tribunal and their students with devastating results!
"Nightmares Recycled" Roy Burdine Roland Gonzalez N/A S05E06

Raph, Don, Casey, and April’s evening salvage operation lands them a one-way ticket to Recycle World – the Garbageman’s deadly realm of refuse! As if fighting for their lives in a world of lethal compactors and shredders wasn't bad enough, they've got to do it all with Hun – who’s not thrilled to reveal that he and Garbageman have something in common – DNA!

NOTE: This episode was never completed. The script was finished and some animation had begun when 4Kids pulled the plug because it was deemed too controversial and violent for a children's program (apparently Hun and the Garbageman were conjoined twins that were surgically separated at birth by a back-alley surgeon with the Garbageman being discarded as 'garbage'). Since there was no chance of it airing, it was shelved in the early stages of production.[3]
110 6 "Membership Drive" Roy Burdine Christopher Yost March 24, 2008 S05E07
The Justice Force is expanding its ranks, and Mike plans on joining up as Turtle Titan!, while Leo is more concerned in alerting them to the threat of the original Shredder. But when Nano reappears (thanks to Bishop and Baxter Stockman), everything quickly spirals out of control into a superhero vs. nanotech slugfest! But has Nano come back as friend or foe? And will the Turtle Titan and Leo survive long enough to find out?
111 7 "New World Order, Part 1" Roy Burdine Danny Fingeroth March 29, 2008 S05E08
The original Shredder is resurrected by the Foot Mystics, whose first agenda is to destroy Karai – the “false Shredder”. And, while the Turtles are enemies of both Shredders, they realize that if the original Shredder wins, his goal of creating a world of destruction, devastation and chaos will be one huge step closer to reality. So, like it or not, they have to help Karai – even while she’s intent on killing them!
112 8 "New World Order, Part 2" Roy Burdine Matthew Drdek April 5, 2008 S05E09
In their attempt to rescue Karai from the Foot Mystics and new Shredder, the Turtles wind up in a raging battle filled with magic and martial arts where they use everything the Tribunal taught them - but will it be enough to escape with Karai and their lives?
113 9 "Fathers & Sons" Roy Burdine Roland Gonzalez April 12, 2008 S05E10
Weary after their first battle with the new Shredder, the Turtles doubt they can defeat him. To lift their spirits, Splinter and the Ancient One shares a tale of the Turtles’ toddler days. The story reveals that though the Turtles were small, they overcame impossible odds to defeat a phantom bent on reviving the Shredder, though they may not remember it.
114 10 "Past and Present" Roy Burdine Joe Kelly April 19, 2008 S05E11
Shredder begins to build a new dynasty in New York, transforming the whole island into a hellish nightmare. The Turtles team up with Karai in a daring plan to direct Shredder’s energy against him from mystical “Keystones” around Manhattan… but will it be enough?
115 11 "Enter the Dragons, Part 1" Roy Burdine Christopher Yost March 26, 2008 S05E12
The demonic Shredder has transformed New York City into a nightmare version of Feudal Japan and the rest of the world is next! But the Turtles have a plan, and if it takes allying themselves with some of their former enemies to bring the fight to the Shredder, so be it… because if they fail, there is no tomorrow!
116 12 "Enter the Dragons, Part 2" Roy Burdine Christopher Yost May 3, 2008 S05E13
With the help of allies and enemies alike, the Turtles have fought their way through a demonic version of New York to confront the Shredder once and for all! Now the Turtles must have everything they've got and have no choice but to focus their energy and become their avatars...Dragons. This night the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will meet their destinies… whether it be to live or die!


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