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Tejas Club
Tejas Triangle Color Logo.png
Established 1925
Location Austin, Texas
Website http://tejasclub.org

The Tejas Club is one of the oldest student organizations at the University of Texas at Austin. It was founded in 1925 to help mold honorable young men through friendship, leadership, and scholarship. Many of Texas' most successful alumni are Tejas Braves.


The Tejas Club was formed in 1925 by Tom Renfro and Howell Cobb with the vision of establishing "a club on this campus composed of men whom we believe to be honorable."[1] In its early years, Tejas was associated with Theta Nu Epsilon (ΘΝΕ), a nationwide sophomore class society which also included such organizations as Skull and Bones at Yale University, The Phoenix – S K Club at Harvard University, and The Machine at the University of Alabama.[2]

The official purpose of the club is "to allow our members to live a more complete life by sharing their personalities, abilities and efforts to promote good fellowship and a high standard of conduct among ourselves and our fellow students, to encourage loyalty and usefulness to our school, and to further good scholarship.".[3] The membership process of the organisation is secretive and not open to the public.

On Campus[edit]

Tejas Braves have always been a highly involved and diverse group of men at the University of Texas. Members of the Tejas Club have served as student body presidents and vice presidents, head cheerleaders, chairmen of the University Union Board of Directors, and many other important roles on campus.[4][5][6][7][8][9]

As is tradition, the Tejas Club hosts weekly coffees featuring influential guest speakers. Recent speakers have included Texas Longhorns athletics coaches Mack Brown, Rick Barnes, and Augie Garrido; UT professors Robert Metcalfe, H.W. Brands, and Larry Speck; former UT presidents William C. Powers and Larry Faulkner; former University of Texas System chancellor Mark Yudof; former Secretary of the Air Force Hans Mark; former National Security Agency director Bobby Ray Inman; and Texas politicians Christi Craddick, Kel Seliger, and Carole Keeton Strayhorn.[10]


Many notable alumni of the University of Texas are Tejas Braves. The Tejas Foundation was created in 1953 to establish communication between former and current members of the club. To this day, the alumni of Tejas continue to be involved with helping the club provide housing, encourage scholarship, and organize various events.[11]

Alumni of the Tejas Club include:


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