Teleborg Castle

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Teleborg Castle

Teleborg Castle (Teleborgs slott) is beautifully situated near Lake Trummen, 4–5 km south of the city centre of Växjö, Sweden.

Despite its middle-age style, the castle was built in 1900 by architect firm Lindvall & Boklund. The castle was built as a wedding present from count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö to his wife Anna Koskull. 17 years later the couple had died, and the castle was used as a hotel for young girls and for accommodation in general. In 1964 the city of Växjö bought it and the surrounding park from the Bonde family and it is today mainly used for representation, weddings and conferences.

Today, the castle is used by the city council for representational purposes, and the nearby university also uses some parts of the castle.

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Coordinates: 56°51′24″N 14°50′05″E / 56.85667°N 14.83472°E / 56.85667; 14.83472