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Telecanal logo (Oct 2011-present)
Launched December 5, 2005[1]
Owned by Alfa Tres
Audience share no data (May, 2005, [1])
Formerly called Rock&Pop and VidaVisión
Website [2]
Analog (Santiago) Channel 2
Former Telecanal's logo, used since January 2007 until October 2011

Telecanal is a private owned TV channel of Chile. It currently airs in Santiago on VHF channel 2. It mostly airs American films and TV series, and some original entertainment TV shows.


Five years ago, VidaVisión (associated with the protestant church) started broadcasting on channel 2 after channel Rock&Pop went bankrupt.

On July 2005, Compañía Chilena de Comunicaciones (former owner of the frequency) sold the signal to Alfa Tres. Jaime Cuadrado, owner of Alfa Tres, is the former commercial manager of Canal 13 and a personal friend of Mario Kreuzberger (Don Francisco (television host)). Alejandro Martinez, owner of VidaVisión, initiated a lawsuit against Compañía Chilena de Comunicaciones alleging fraud.

Also, Jaime Cuadrado has ties with Mexican media mogul Remigio Ángel González, owner of Red Televisión. It has even been stated that González is the actual owner of the station. Ownership of more than one television station is forbidden by Chilean law to avoid an horizontal monopoly.

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