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Teleclub, founded in 1982 in Switzerland, is one of the longest established Pay TV broadcasters in Europe. At present time the service is only available in Switzerland and Austria. Teleclub provides their content as a stand alone service through the Swiss DVB-T Television Network via a-self branded Set-top box called "Teleclub Digital Receiver" and a viewing card which is a CI+ NDS VideoGuard Smart Card The two types available are the Kaon and ADB Set Top Boxes, Teleclub also broadcasts their service through alongside other Pay TV platforms with exclusive packages for each TV Platform, In Switzerland Teleclub has parnerships with UPC Cablecom Digital TV (Cable TV) and Swisscom TV (IPTV)and in Austria via Sky (Satellite TV)Teleclub also provides a TV Series and Movie Rental Video On Demand service (Teleclub On Demand) exclusively to the Swisscom TV Platform. Teleclub mainly broadcasts a selection of localized versions of various international known subscription television channels including HD Channels.

Teleclub On Demand[edit]

The TV Subscription Video On Demand and Movie Rental Service Provides Access to TV Content such as.

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