Telecommunication Tower Aarhus

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Telecommunication Tower Aarhus
Telecommunication Tower Aarhus.jpgLocation in Aarhus, Denmark
Structure Type
Antenna Height
Building Uses
Building Status
Tower, Guyed Mast
325 m above the sea
FM-transmission, directional radio
Built & Active

Telecommunication Tower Aarhus, or in Danish Søsterhøj Antennen / Søsterhøj Senderen, is the main radio/television transmission tower in Aarhus, Denmark, and the second tallest building in Denmark. The construction of it began in 1956, and the tower was finished later the same year. The tower is 216 m tall.

It has been noted worldwide for its relatively unusual use of concrete as a material in the transmission tower, in the base under the wired mast.


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Coordinates: 56°05′55″N 10°13′01″E / 56.09861°N 10.21694°E / 56.09861; 10.21694