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The telecom infrastructure in the Palestinian territories is growing at a very rapid pace and continually being updated and expanded. Communications in the Palestinian territories occur across many media, including telephone, radio, television, and internet.


There is one Fixed Line Company Paltel with 363,000 fixed line customers [1]


There are 2 Mobile Operators in the Palestinian territories Jawwal with 2 Million Customers, and Wataniya with 400,000 Customers.


There are 25 licensed FM Stations broadcasting in the Palestinian territories.

FM Stations

  • Ajyal -
  • Raya -
  • Sama -
  • AlSharq -

Media and communications providers[edit]

  • PalMedia -


See also: .ps


In 2008 opennet stated "Access to Internet in the Palestinian territories remains relatively open, although social filtering of sexually explicit content has been implemented in Gaza. Internet in the West Bank remains almost entirely unfiltered, save for a single news Web site that was banned for roughly six months starting in late 2008. Media freedom is constrained in Gaza and the West Bank by the political upheaval and internal conflict as well as by the Israeli forces."[2]

In the early days of April 2012 EFF published list of websites censored by some Palestinian ISPs [3]

On the 23 of April 2012 the tor project announced that they are witnessing evidence for politically motivated censorship in Bethlehem [4]

In May 2012, the Ma'an news agency stated "The Palestinian Authority has quietly instructed Internet providers to block access to news websites whose reporting is critical of President Mahmoud Abbas," [5]


Main article: Palestine Post

Palestine Post is responsible for providing postal service in West Bank and Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology is responsible for Gaza Strip. Generally,the international letters of West Bank are routed through both Jordan and Israel and the international letters of Gaza routed through only Israel.Quite delay often happen during sending and receiving letters from Palestine for the routed country. Without this two national postal authorities,no international courior service is serving there. So the only way to send and receive international items from there,is by the respective postal authority.




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