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Telematch was the name of a German television show broadcast during the 1970s till 1979, based on its French counterpart Intervilles. It first consisted of a match between teams from two German towns, except for the last matches, which were between five towns. The match was composed of several games. For each game the participants would typically dress up in costumes. Often the costumes were elaborate and designed to increase the challenge of the game by making movement awkward. Games were played against the clock, or as a race. Telematch was produced by Transtel. It was dubbed into English, Hindi, Arabic, French and Spanish.[1]

It was shown in Argentina, China, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Middle East, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Uruguay as well as in various South East Asian and Caribbean nations and probably other places as well. A total of 43 episodes were made before production was halted.

In Spain between 1995 to 2007 TVE broadcast a show like Telematch called El Gran Prix del Verano with the same format.

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