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Type Public
Traded as EuronextRCF
Industry Business process outsourcing
Founded 1978[1]
Headquarters Paris, France
Key people Daniel Julien (Chairman) and Paulo César Salles Vasques (Chief Executive Officer)[2]
Services Technical support, customer care, sales, offshore, research, ARM.
Revenue Increase €2,432.9 million (2013)[3]
Employees 148,571

Teleperformance is a global company, worldwide leader in multichannel customer experience. Founded in 1978 by Daniel Julien, the company is specialized in customer service, technical support, call center, debt collection and social media.

The company operates about 100,000 computerized workstations, with more than 148,571 employees across 270 contact centers in 62 countries. The company conducts programs in more than 63 different languages and dialects for a wide variety of global companies in various industries. Some of the countries Teleperformance operate in are, the UK, Albania, Brazil, Chile, India, Philippines, China, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Norway, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Egypt, Russia, Sweden and Germany.

The global headquarters are based in Paris, France.


Daniel Julien[2] created Teleperformance in Paris.
Teleperformance became the contact center leader in the French market.[citation needed] The group’s first international subsidiaries were established in Belgium and Italy.
Teleperformance Austria was launched, followed by subsidiaries in other European markets: Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
A partnership with Jacques Berrebi established the SR.Communication Group, an international group listed on the stock exchange in Paris.
Teleperformance set up the first outsourced customer loyalty centers and carried out the first customer satisfaction surveys.
Teleperformance USA was established, and the Group began its contact center operations in the United States.
Asia-Pacific contact centers were developed, with operations set up in the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea. The Group was significantly expanded in Europe through numerous acquisitions and company start-ups in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and Finland.
The merger of SR.Communication and Teleperformance created SR.Teleperformance. The Group refocused its operations on contact center management and became a global player[citation needed] in CRM outsourcing. The Teleperformance network expanded to all of the Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Canada. Teleperformance Tunisia opened.
SR.Teleperformance became the world’s #2 contact center outsourcer in terms of revenues.[citation needed] Faced with pressure on costs, the company offered offshore centers and automated services. SR.Teleperformance launched business transformation solutions aimed at in-house contact centers.
SR.Teleperformance continued its worldwide expansion with the acquisition of CallTech Communications in the United States, and of MM Group, the fourth-ranking provider of contact center services in Great Britain[citation needed] . It gained presence in eastern Europe by taking a controlling interest in three companies based in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It increased its presence in the German market with the acquisition of All By Phone+Net, one of the most dynamic[citation needed] companies in its sector.[citation needed]
For the first time, SR.Teleperformance’s revenues exceeded $1 billion EUR.
SR.Teleperformance continued its eastward expansion with the acquisition of Teleperformance Russia. SR.Teleperformance became Teleperformance.
Teleperformance acquired 100% interest in AllianceOne, a leading US accounts receivable management company;[4].
The group’s operations and strategy were centralized for management under the responsibility of Daniel Julien and Jacques Berrebi. A matrix structure was put in place to manage human resources, information systems, finance, quality, marketing, etc. There was a worldwide roll-out of advanced management tools. A minority interest purchase strategy regarding subsidiaries evolved. Teleperformance acquired The Answer Group, a provider of high-level technical support to the US market.
Launched in 2009, Teleperformance Platinum.[5]
Entered face2face market, expanding its customer experience offer.[6]
Confirmed Teleperformance leadership[citation needed] and launched e-Performance.[7]
Open 5 multilingual, multi-cultural hubs to serve Europe and other markets.[8]
Paulo César Salles Vasques is announced the new Chief Executive Officer of the Group. Daniel Julien remains in the leadership as the Chairman of the Group.[9]
Teleperformance Launches Advanced Customer Experience Lab. The Teleperformance CX Lab conducts both single market and multicultural research across selected geographies and industries by addressing specific issues related to changing customer behaviors, preferences and key satisfaction drivers.[10]
Call centre prior information notice issued by the Identity and Passport Service, valued between £20m and £35m. The contract and associated requirements will align to IPS change activity in relation to avoiding unnecessary customer contact and the increased use of electronic channels [11][12].
Teleperformance takes over Visa processing for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office [13][14][15]
Commencing on 1st February 2014, Teleperformance UK will continue to manage contact centre services for general enquiries from the public regarding all passport applications including identity interviews for first time adult applications and Passport Validation Service for businesses. They will also support HM Passport Office in both its Digital By Default and Call_Avoidance#Strategies. [16][17]. According to the Guardian, everyone they spoke to "complained about the passport advice line, which they said connected them to a call centre that is powerless and disconnected from the offices handling the applications. They all told the same story of an operative promising to contact the Passport Office and get someone there to call the disgruntled applicant, but never hearing back. "[18] In June 2014, it was reported that Teleperformance, which runs the passport helpline, now has over 1,000 staff to deal with customer enquiries — a significant increase on its normal complement of 350[19].

Awards and Recognition[edit]

  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Brazilian Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership award.[20]
  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Argentinean Customer Value Leadership Award.[21]
  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Brazilian Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership Award.[22]
  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Contact Center Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year Award.[23]
  • 2013 Teleperformance Frost & Sullivan Special Award.[24]
  • 2013 Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Teleperformance Colombia for Leveraging Human Resources to Stand Out in the Colombian Contact Center Outsourcing Market.[25]
  • 2012 Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Teleperformance Colombia for Green Excellence in the Latin American Contact Center Outsourcing Market[26]
  • 2012 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award[27]
  • 2012 Frost & Sullivan EMEA Customer Value Enhancement Award[28]
  • Analyzing quality and timeliness of service, impact of service on customer value, and cost of service to customers for dozens of outsourcing providers, Frost & Sullivan conferred the 2010 North American Customer Service Leadership of the Year Award for Contact Center Outsourcing on Teleperformance.[29]
  • 2011 – Frost & Sullivan Award – "Customer Value Enhancement”, Argentina[30]
  • 2011 – CRM Magazine Award 2011 – "Service Leader Award for outsourcing"[31]
  • 2011 – Frost & Sullivan Award 2011 – "Contact Center Outsourcer of the Year", EMEA[32]
  • 2011 – Frost & Sullivan Award 2011 – "Global Security Practices", North America[33]
  • Frost & Sullivan 2010 Latin American Competitive Strategy Innovation Award for Contact Center Outsourcing for the company's academic program for employees and clients.[34]
  • Great Place to Work Institute recognized companies that are successful within the level of satisfaction of specific groups of employees. Teleperformance Portugal and Brazil are in the list.[35][36]

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