Telephone numbers in Bolivia

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Country Code: +591
International Call Prefix: 00

Telephone numbers in Bolivia all have the same 8 digit format since Nov 28, 2001.

Format: +591 X XXX XXXX

The first digit is the area code, the remaining seven digits are the subscriber number. Area codes "6" and "7" are reserved for cell phones with "6" being a recent change to the system as a result of the increasing number of cell phones.

To make local calls inside Bolivia, the 7-digit subscriber number is used. To make inter-provincial calls, you must use an access prefix ("0"), followed by the 8-digit phone number.

The international call prefix is 00XX, where "XX" is used to select the long-distance company that will carry out the call.

List of area codes in Bolivia[edit]

Province Area Code
La Paz Department 2
Oruro Department 2
Potosí Department 2
Pando Department 3
Beni Department 3
Santa Cruz Department 3
Cochabamba Department 4
Chuquisaca Department 4
Tarija Department 4
cell phones 6, 7

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