Telephone numbers in Colombia

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Country Code: +57
International Call Prefix: 00 followed by 1 or 3 digit carrier code
Trunk Prefix: 0 followed by 1 or 3 digit carrier code

Colombia has various telephone dial plans, depending on the type of service.

Land line service[edit]


Local numbers follow the pattern:


Where N is a range from 2-8. Numbers where N is 9 are reserved for pay phones.[1]

Domestic long-distance[edit]

Domestic long-distance numbers follow the pattern:

  • 0AxyB-NXX-XXXX

Where A represents one of the four national long-distance carriers, but new long distance operators are using 0Axy format:

And B represents the dialing zone where the number is located. Each department belongs to only one dialing zone:

International dialing[edit]

To dial internationally from Colombia, subscribers dial using the pattern:

  • 00A-XX...

Where A represents the long-distance carrier, as described above.

Mobile service[edit]

Calls to a mobile phone[edit]

Mobile phone numbers follow the pattern:

  • MMM-XXX-XXXX when calling from any mobile phone
  • 03-MMM-XXX-XXXX when calling from any landline phone
  • 57-MMM-XXX-XXXX when calling from outside Colombia

Where MMM represents the access code for one of the country's mobile phone operators:

Calls from a mobile phone[edit]

Calls from a mobile phone to a domestic landline phone follow the pattern:

  • 03B-NXX-XXXX

Where B corresponds to the dialing zone of the receiving phone.

To dial internationally from a mobile phone, the procedure is identical to calling from a landline phone.

Toll-free service[edit]

Toll-free numbers follow the pattern:

  • 01-800-XXX-XXXX

Before 2002, the format was 9800-XXXXXX. When the current format was adopted in that year, existing toll-free numbers were given the format 01-800-0XX-XXXX. These numbers were advertised with the grouping 01-8000-XX-XXX, leading many people to erroneously believe that the general prefix for toll-free numbers is 01-8000.

Other services[edit]

Toll-based service[edit]

  • 01-900-XXX-XXXX
  • 01-901-XXX-XXXX

Dial-up Internet service billed per minute[edit]

  • 01-947-XXX-XXXX
  • 01-948-XXX-XXXX

Emergency numbers (Colombian National Police)[edit]

  • 1-1-2, called linea ciento doce (hundred and twelve line)
  • In the cities of Bogotá, Medellin and Cúcuta, dial 1-2-3, for police, fire department and general emergencies