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Israel telephone numbers
Country Israel
Continent Asia
Type closed
Access codes
Country calling code +972
International call prefix 00 or 01x
Trunk prefix 0

Until the 1990s, telephone numbers in Israel had 6 digits (except in its early days), and until the 2000s, there were 8 area codes allocated to Bezeq, by region. Currently numbers have seven digits and Bezeq controls 6 area codes - 04 and 06 (Haifa and northern areas) were merged, as well as 07 (south) and 08 (Shfela). Israel's country calling code is +972.

With the influence of VOIP long distance was deregulated in Israel. According to the Israel Ministry of Communication a VOIP number may be ported to a landline carrier and vice versa providing the option to have, say, a northern number in the south of the country. Numbers may not be ported, say, from the north to the south of the country on the same kind of line (e.g., VOIP to VOIP or landline to landline). Mobile number portability between cellular providers was introduced in late 2007.

The format for calls to landlines within the same area code is XXX XXXX. For calls to a landline outside the local area, the area code is prefixed and the format becomes (0X) XXX XXXX for calls to landlines, where 0X is the area code. The format for calls to mobile and VOIP lines is (0XX) XXX XXXX, where 0XX is the mobile or VOIP indicator. When calling from outside of Israel, the leading "0" in area codes is not dialed, and the format is [+972] (øX) XXX XXXX for calls to landlines, or [+972] (øXX) XXX XXXX for calls to mobile and VOIP lines.

Access codes[edit]

International access codes are:

  • 00 – registered customers
  • 012 – 012 Smile service
  • 013 – 013 Netvision service
  • 014 – Bezeq International service
  • 015 – Hallo 015 service
  • 016 – Golan Telecom service
  • 017 – Hot Mobile service
  • 018 – Xfone service
  • 019 – Telzar service

Area codes[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Mobile range[edit]

Part 2[edit]

  • 072 2XX XXXX – VoB Service (012 Smile)
  • 073 2XX XXXX – Local Calls (Cellcom)
  • 073 3XX XXXX – Local Business Telephone lines(Cellcom)
  • 073 7XX XXXX – VoB Service (013 Netvision)
  • 074 7XX XXXX – Local Calls (Orange)
  • 076 5XX XXXX – VoB Service (Bezeq International service)
  • 076 88X XXXX – Local Calls (Bezeq)
  • 077 XXX XXXX – Cable Phone Service (Hot)

The leading 0 trunk code is not dialed from abroad.
When dialing within one of the geographical area codes (02,03,04,08,09) the prefix can be dropped (so instead of dialing 03-xxx-xxxx you can dial xxx-xxxx).
Due to mobile number portability, a mobile phone with a prefix of one provider can be associated with a different provider. To prevent confusion and overbilling when dialing from one provider to a prefix that is associated with the same provider but actually subscribed to a different provider the caller will hear a special warning tone.

Special numbers[edit]

Special numbers include emergency and aid services, along with technical support and other provider services:[1]

  • 100 - Police
  • 101 - Ambulance Service
  • 102 - Fire Fighters
  • 103 - Electric Corporation
  • 106 - Municipal Call Center <in most cities>
  • 107 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
  • 108 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
  • 109 - Municipal Call Center <in some cities>
  • 110 - Automated Number Announcement Circuit
  • 118 - Ministry of Social Affair's emergency service
  • 1201 - Mental health first aid
  • 1255 XXX - Hospital Information Center <only in times of emergency>
  • 1212 XX XX - Telephone-Based poll and televoting
  • 1200 XXX XXX - Televoting
  • *XXXX - (Star and 4 digits) Speed dial service
  • 1234 - Bezeq-Card service (Bezeq lines only)
  • 1346 - Dial up access to ISP service
  • 1455 - Speaking clock - Time and date in Israel and around the world
  • 142 - Collect Call
  • 144 - Telephone Listings Information
  • 166 - Bezeq technical support
  • 199 - Bezeq customer service
  • 164 - Bezeq business customer service
  • 1 599 XXX XXX - Business Toll
  • 1 700 XXX XXX - Business Toll
  • 1 80X XXX XXX - Toll Free
  • 1 90X XXX XXX - Premium
  • Note - The Israeli telecommunication infrastructure is available and used extensively in the Palestinian Territories too.

"Kosher" numbers[edit]

"Kosher" phones and networks are essentially phones with Haredi rabbinical approval that can be used for communication without entertainment functionality or connectivity. This is a line that has a pre-defined prefix and it is blocked to content that Haredi activists feel is not appropriate for their community. Such blocking includes cellular internet access, chat rooms, SMS, etc. It should not be imputed that other phones are not kosher according to Jewish law, as evidenced by the fact that a very large number - if not the majority - of observant Orthodox Jews worldwide do not restrict themselves to "kosher" phones; rather the description "kosher" phones is a loose description implying an added level of stringency accepted by some communities.

Some mobile plans include a large allocation of minutes to kosher numbers, which are:

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