Telephone numbers in the United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates telephone numbers
Country United Arab Emirates
Continent Asia
Type closed
Access codes
Country calling code +971
International call prefix 00
Trunk prefix 0

Prior to 2000, subscriber numbers were 5 or 6 digits, with area code plus subscriber number totalling 7 digits. In 2000, many of the two-digit area codes were changed to single digit with seven-digit subscriber numbers.

Numbering plan[edit]

The overall structure of the UAE's National Numbering Plan is:

Special numbers[edit]

Special 7-digit number ranges (no associated area code):

  • 200xxxx shared cost services
  • 300xxxx 6ure use
  • 400xxxx shared revenue services
  • 4004181 directory enquiries
  • 4004444 internet access (Dial Up - internet subscribers)
  • 500xxxx shared revenue/carrier use (internet access, other services)
  • 5005555 internet access (Dial 'N Surf - for casual non-subscribers)
  • 600xxxx shared revenue services (television quiz)
  • 700xxxx shared revenue services
  • 800xxxx freephone numbers
  • 900xxxx shared revenue services (premium/900)

Emergency calls:[1]

  • 999 Police and Emergency
  • 997 Fire
  • 991 Water or Electrical Emergencies


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