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Genre talk show
Presented by Royce Frith
Voices of Russ Thompson
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel CTV
Original run 3 December 1961 – 1965

Telepoll was a Canadian talk show television series which aired on CTV between 1961 and 1965. It was hosted by Royce Frith.


Each week, a guest panel was invited to discuss a current event. Pre-selected viewers were also polled and their responses were tabulated and presented on the next show. Each episode cost an estimated $3500 (CA$), among the most expensive domestic CTV productions. CNCP Telecommunications was Telepoll's sponsor.[1]

Peter Jennings, then based at CTV's Ottawa affiliate CJOH-TV, was a correspondent for the program.[1]

Notable episodes[edit]

Glen Haw, a lawyer for the Jehovah's Witnesses sect appeared on 14 January 1961 to discuss their doctrine against blood transfusions. Haw stormed off the set following a statement by Kildare Dobbs, another panelist on that episode.[2]

The newspaper industry was the subject of a 3 January 1965 episode. The poll on that occasion found that three-quarters of respondents felt that Canada's papers did a "good job" covering the news, although 55% of those polled indicated the papers placed too much emphasis on sensationalism.[3]


Telepoll's debut was on 3 December 1961, two months after the CTV network began its broadcasts.[4]


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