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The Teletón in Mexico is an annual 24-plus-hour TV and radio broadcast, started in 1996, to raise money for children's rehabilitation centers (known as Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón or CRIT – "Teletón Children's Rehabilitation Center" in English) for disabled children. Mexico's proposal was due to the initiative of Fernando Landeros. The Mexican Teletón is produced by Televisa and more than 500 Mexican and foreign media; more than 100 commercial firms sponsor the event. The telethon's mission is "to provide knowledge about physical disabilities, giving a strong message about respect, equality and support to people in these conditions".

Since 1997, Teletón has begun on the first Friday in December. The 2010 Teletón was held on December 3–4; as always, it was seen as "a project of national unity where Mexicans have the chance to gather and work for the same cause". From 1996–2003, the end of the event was marked by a concert in Azteca Stadium. Since 2004, the venue has varied: in 2004–2005 it was held at Mexico City's Zócalo, in 2006 at the Foro Sol and in 2007–2008 it was moved to the National Auditorium.

Besides creating CRITs all around the country, the CRIT system and the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) signed an agreement in 2000 creating two bachelors-degree programs training professionals to work with children at the CRITs, and created the Instituto Teletón de Estudios Superiores (ITESUR) (located next to the first CRIT constructed). ITESUR is the only university in Mexico that grants degrees in occupational and physical therapy.

From 1997 to 2004, Mexican actress and pop star Lucero was involved in every telethon as the main spokesperson for most of the broadcast, alongside different news anchor and host of other Televisa programs. In 2003, a scandal involving security guards and the press made her to have her role been downplayed, and other Televisa personalities have been included in the broadcast.

While the main reason of the Teleton is to provide help with the rehabilitation of children that suffer of different brain and mobility discapacities, in 2009 Teletón expanded the objectives to provide help in the treatment of children diagnosed with cancer, hence another event was conceived, Pelonton, consisting of the people donating locks of hair in order to create wigs for those children that suffered loss hair due to cancer treatment.

CRIT locations[edit]

The first Teletón was broadcast on December 12, 1997, produced by Televisa and 70 other communications media. By the end of the broadcast, its goal was surpassed. Since then, the goal has been the same amount raised the previous year, plus one Mexican peso.

As of 2007, Teletón had met its goal each year, producing surpluses which allowed the construction of thirteen CRITs. The location of some CRITs is chosen on a geographical basis, so that every region has at least one; the goal is to build one in every state. Others are built in areas which have "earned" them with funds raised:

Green: states with CRITs (darker green = more CRITs)

Media participation[edit]

In its first broadcast, Teletón (CRIT) counted the participation of 70 national meia; the TV and radio stations affiliated with Televisa made it a nationwide campaign. The 2007 broadcast had the participation of more than 500 national and international media; one exception is the other major Mexican TV network, TV Azteca, due to a signal-distribution conflict. 2007 also marked the first time donations were received from foreign countries (from Spain, and from the Hispanic population in the United States and Canada.

Year 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
Total Media 70 229 287 336 392 428 471 506 560 577 580
Media Number (2007)
TV Stations 72
Radio Stations 77
Newspapers 192
Magazines 131
External Media 103
International Media 5
Totalfhdk 580


Broadcast Dates Goal in MXN Total Raised Surplus (%) Approx. USD[1] Motto Translation Mission
Teletón México 1997 December 12–13 $80,000,000 $138,496,840 +73.12% $17,015,608
MXN 8.1394 = USD 1
"Juntos haremos el milagro" "Together we will make the miracle"
  • To build and equip the first two CRITs in Mexico State and Occidente
  • Establish the Teletón Fund for Institution Support (Fondo Teletón de Apoyo a Instituciones - FTAI) to help other institutions serving the same population
Teletón México 1998 December 4–5 $138,496,841 $142,937,440 +3.20% $14,365,571
MXN 9.95 = USD 1
"El amor hace milagros" "Love makes miracles"
  • To secure operating funds for the two CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 1999 December 3–4 $142,937,441 $158,224,117 +10.70% $16,598,212
MXN 9.5326 = USD 1
"El amor hace milagros" "Love makes miracles"
  • To grant "scholarships" for the two CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2000 December 8–9 $158,224,118 $201,168,475 +27.14% $21,019,641
MXN 9.5705 = USD 1
"Vamos a dar" "Let's give"
  • To build and equip the third CRIT in Oaxaca
  • To grant "scholarships" for (and ensure future operation of) the two original CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2001 December 7–8 $201,168,476 $207,408,620 +3.10% $22,446,577
MXN 9.2401 = USD 1
"Te estamos esperando" "We're waiting for you"
  • To build and equip the fourth CRIT in Aguascalientes
  • To grant "scholarships" for the three CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
  • To donate 5% of the total raised to families of Mexican victims who died in the September 11 attacks
Teletón México 2002 December 6–7 $207,408,621 $217,876,247 +5.05% $21,266,178
MXN 10.2452 = USD 1
"¡Un paso más!" "One more step!"
  • To build the fifth and sixth CRITs, in Coahuila and Guanajuato
  • To grant "scholarships" for the four CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2003 December 12–13 $217,876,248 $247,759,351 +13.72% $22,145,691
MXN 11.1877 = USD 1
"Lo hacemos todos" "We all make it"
  • To equip the fifth and sixth CRITs in Coahuila and Guanajuato
  • To grant "scholarships" for the four CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2004 December 3–4 $247,759,352 $305,650,421 +23.37% $27,424,153
MXN 11.1453 = USD 1
"Unidos por el amor" "Together for love"
  • To build and equip the seventh CRIT in Pachuca, Hidalgo
  • To grant "scholarships" for the six CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2005 December 2–3 $305,650,422 $349,190,470 +14.25% $33,178,187
MXN 10.5247 = USD 1
"Ayudar es amar" "To help is to love"
  • To build and equip the eighth and ninth CRITs, in Chihuahua and Chiapas
  • To grant "scholarships" for the seven CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2006 December 8–9 $349,190,471 $420,369,748 +20.38% $38,723,055
MXN 10.8558 = USD 1
"Necesitamos tu amor" "We need your love"
  • To build and equip the tenth and eleventh CRITs in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico and Cancun, Quintana Roo
  • Ensure operating funds for the nine CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2007 December 7–8 $420,369,749 $439,968,534 +4.66% $40,599,862
MXN 10.8367 = USD 1
"El Teletón eres tú" "You are the Teletón"
  • To build and equip the twelfth and thirteenth CRITs in Tamaulipas and Yucatán
  • Continue the FTAI
  • To donate 10% of the total raised to help the affected populations of the 2007 Tabasco flood and Chiapas landslides
Teletón México 2008 December 5–6 $439,968,535 $440,404,909 +0.09% $32,119,382
MXN 13.7115 = USD 1
"El Teletón lo haces tú" "You make the Teletón"
  • To build and equip the fourteenth and fifteenth CRITs in Durango and Poza Rica, Veracruz
  • Ensure operating funds for the thirteen CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2009 December 4–5 $440,404,910 $443,341,815 +0.66% $35,194,517
MXN 12.5969 = USD 1
"No Hay Imposibles" "Nothing is impossible"
  • To upgrade the first fifteen CRITs to allow children with cancer
  • To build and equip the sixteenth and seventeenth CRITs in Hermosillo, Sonora and La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Ensure operating funds for the fifteen CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2010 December 3–4 $445,268,576 $446,851,910 +0.03 $36,229,865
MXN 12.3338 = USD 1
"Lo mejor de ti, hace grande Mexico" "The best of you makes Mexico great"
  • To build and equip the eighteenth and nineteenth CRITs in Puebla and the Federal District
  • Ensure operating funds for the seventeen CRITs
  • Continue the FTAI
Teletón México 2011 December 3–4 $446,851,911 $450,346,218 + $32,944,127.139
MXN 13.6700 = USD 1
"Caminemos juntos" "Lets walk together"
  • To build and equip the twentieth CRIT in Acapulco, Guerrero, the first Telethon Children's Cancer Hospital for children with cancer in Queretaro, and the first Telethon Autism Children's Rehabilitation Center for children with autism in Mexico State
  • Ensure operating funds for the nineteen CRITs
  • Continue the you
Teletón México 2012 December 7-8 $471,472,925 $472,556,170 + N/A "Gracias a ti" "Thanks to you"
  • N/A
Teletón México 2013 November 29-30 $472,556,170 $473,794,379 + n/a "Gente ExtraOrdinaria " "Extraordinary people"
  • N/A


The Teletón production is supported by enterprises who also finance year-round expenses of the CRITs. There is only one sponsor for each product category.

The first broadcast had nine sponsors; by 2008 the number was 26. Some businesses which have participated are:

Sponsor Industry Years Participating
Nacional Monte de Piedad Financial services (pawnbroking) 12
Banamex Financial services (banking) 12
Fundación Telmex Philanthropy 12
Farmacias del Ahorro Pharmacy 12
Telcel Mobile phone carrier 11
Office Depot Retail (office supplies) 11
La Costeña Food (preserves) 10
Alpura Food (dairy products) 10
Hidrosina Energy (gasoline) 10
  • Fundación Gigante
  • Fundación Soriana
Philanthropy 9
Fud Food (cold cuts) 9
Mattel Toys and games 8
Hewlett-Packard (HP) Computer systems, peripherals, software, consulting, IT services 6
Metlife Finance and insurance 5
Homex Developer 5
Acros Home appliances 3
Andrea Catalog retailing (shoes) 3
La Europea Retailing (wine and gourmet food) 2
Holanda Ice cream 2
DHL Air courier 2
Omnilife Business group 1
Seguritech Security systems 1
Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical 1
Hoteles/Resorts Misión Hospitality 1
José Cuervo Distillery 1
Grupo Rotoplas Water puritification technology 1
Domino's Pizza Pizza delivery 1

Teletón USA[edit]

In 2012, Teletón, in cooperation with the Univision television network, created Teletón USA, an American charity with the same aim to help sick, disabled, and mentally-challenged children in America's Hispanic communities. Its first telethon was broadcast December 14 and 15, 2012 on the Univision network, and was hosted by famed Univision personality Don Francisco, who has hosted a similar telethon in Chile. The first edition of Teletón USA took US$8,150,625 in pledges, exceeding its initial goal of US$7 million.[2]


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