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Picture format 720p/1080i (HD)
Headquarters San Pedro Sula, Honduras
NTSC VHF Channel 3, 5, 7
ATSC UHF Channel 24
Available on most Honduran providers Check local listings

Televicentro or TVC is a television station in Honduras. located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Televicentro was founded in 1987 in order to unite as one business the four television channels. These channels are:

  • Canal 5
  • Telesistema 3 y 7
  • Telecadena 7 y 4
  • Mega TV

Canal 5 HRTG-TV was the first broadcasting television channel of Honduras.

Canal 5[edit]

Canal 5 is well known as the first television station in Honduras, founded in September 15, 1959 conveying Honduras's independence day. Canal 5 is best known as El Lider and also as El 5. In 1998 "El lider" (the leader) began his newscast airing Telenoticias 5 or TN5. Most of its programming consist of foreign programming including news from Univision and telenovelas from Televisa.


His programming is about films, series, music, children's series, sports and the most watched newscast Hoy Mismo from the '80s.


His programming is about children and teen's series, series, films and the newcast, Abriendo Brecha (retransmitted in the Channel 10).

Mega TV[edit]

His programming is about filmes, children's series and comedy series from the US and Mexico.



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