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Television in Iceland began in September 1966. Channels can be received via DVB-T, broadband with the Skjárinn service from Síminn, IPTV or Digital Ísland (DVB-T) from Vodafone.

List of channels[edit]

Present channels, Free to Air[edit]

  • Sjónvarpið, the television channel of RÚV, they are the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. Available as free-to-view on the satellite Thor 2.
  • Bravó, opened 5th of March 2014. Intended for ages 14-24 and contains only domestic programming and music videos. Broadcasts 24/7 and in HD. Bravó was acquired by 365 Media in a June 2014 merger with Konunglega Kvikmyndafélagið which used to run Bravó and Mikligarður.
  • SkjárSport, sports channel. Part of Skjárinn which also runs SkjárEinn.
  • Alþingi, from the Icelandic Parliament while in session.
  • N4, broadcasting only in the town of Akureyri yet available nationwide through IPTV from Síminn or Vodafone.
  • Omega Christian television channel.
  • ÍNN, all-talk.
  • PoppTV, music videos 24/7.
  • iSTV, operated by iSTV ehf. Domestic programming. Broadcast 24/7 in SD. Available through IPTV from Síminn or Vodafone. No listed licence with the Media Commission (as of August 7th 2014).

Present channels, Subscription[edit]

  • Golfstöðin, caters to golfers.
  • Gullstöðin, part of Stöð 2. Shares a channel with Krakkastöðin. Programming is mostly based on old domestic programmes from Stöð 2.
  • Krakkastöðin, part of Stöð 2. Shares a channel with Gullstöðin. Children's entertainment.
  • Stöð 2, the oldest privately owned television channel in Iceland (1986). Also available as Stöð 2+ with one hour delay.
  • Bíóstöðin, (previously called Stöð 2 Bíó)movies 24/7
  • Stöð 2 Sport (previously called Sýn), mostly sports with one hour delay on Stöð 2 Sport+
  • Stöð 2 Sport 2 (previously called Sýn 2), FA Premier League and The Football League
  • Stöð 2 Sport 3, Stöð 2 Sport 4, Stöð 2 Sport 5 and Stöð 2 Sport 6, extra channels for special sport events, used mostly for Champions League and Premier League matches
  • Stöð 2 Sport HD, Stöð 2 Sport HD 2, Iceland's first HD channel. Launched in October 2007 broadcasting Sýn and Sýn 2 events in 1080i. To start with live games from the FA Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Expect many of Sýn and Sýn 2 sports to be available on Sýn HD in 2008 including major golf tournaments, NBA basketball, Wimbledon tennis, championship boxing and more football. Note: Since Iceland is outside a lot of satellite footprints and HD requiring more bandwidth, many events can only reach Iceland in standard definition although they are available in HD in other countries.
  • SkjárEinn, entertainment channel - was free and run with advertisement revenue only until November, 2009. Only available through subscription after that. Also available with one hour delay on SkjárEinn plús
  • Stöð 3, launched 07 Sep 2013. Entertainment youth channel.

Cancelled channels[edit]

  • NFS, now a news service providing news for and television channels of 365
  • Skjár tveir, was meant to be an ad-free channel paid for by the viewers. It didn't go as planned and soon merged with Skjár einn.
  • Stöð 1, launched 29 Oct 2010. Entertainment channel, free to air, non-subscribtion. Reaches 98% of all households in Iceland.
  • Stöð þrjú, the old channel was used. But was bought quickly and shut down in the meaning, it was merged by Stöð 2.
  • Skjár sport, showed Premier League matches for the seasons 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.
  • Stöð 2 Extra (previously called Sirkus) Entertainment channel previously available as free but is now only available as a complement to Stöð 2 subscription
  • Nova TV (previously called Sirkus and before that Popp Tíví), music videos - free channel
  • Fasteignasjónvarpið, a channel that offers real estate
  • Mikligarður, opened 15th of March 2014 - closed 1st of July 2014. Intended for ages 34+ with an emphasis on females. Programming was all domestic and included paid presentations. Broadcasts was 24/7 and in HD.

International Channels available in Iceland[edit]

Additional international channels are available in Iceland through Vodafone Iceland, Síminn and Skjarinn

Channels Owner / Genre
DR1 Danmarks Radio
DR2 Danmarks Radio
DR Ultra Danmarks Radio
SVT1 Sveriges Television
SVT2 Sveriges Television
NRK 1 Norsk Rikskringkasting
NRK 2 Norsk Rikskringkasting
NRK 3 / NRK Super Norsk Rikskringkasting
MGM Channel AMC Networks - chellomedia
Jim Jam Euro AMC Networks - chellomedia
Travel Channel AMC Networks - chellomedia
Food Network AMC Networks - chellomedia
CBS Reality AMC Networks - chellomedia
Extreme Sports Channel AMC Networks - chellomedia
Fine Living Network AMC Networks - chellomedia
TCM Turner Broadcasting System Europe / NonStop
Star Turner Broadcasting System Europe / NonStop
CNN International Turner Broadcasting System Europe / NonStop
Cartoon Network Turner Broadcasting System Europe / NonStop
Boomerang Turner Broadcasting System Europe / NonStop
E! Entertainment NBCUniversal
Style NBCUniversal
CNBC NBCUniversal
BBC Entertainment BBC Worldwide
BBC Lifestyle BBC Worldwide
BBC Knowledge BBC Worldwide
BBC World News BBC Worldwide
National Geographic Channel NG Channels/Fox International Channels/BSKYB
Nat Geo Wild NG Channels/Fox International Channels/BSKYB
Baby TV Fox International Channels
Animal Planet Discovery Networks
Discovery Science Discovery Networks
Discovery World Discovery Networks
Discovery Channel Discovery Networks
ID (Investigation Discovery) Discovery Networks
TLC Discovery Networks
Disney Channel ABC-Disney
Disney Junior ABC-Disney
Disney XD ABC-Disney
TV5 Monde France
Das Erste Germany
TVE (Televisión Española) Spain
Rai Uno Italy
Rai Tre Italy
TVP Poland
Eurochannel France
Eurosport 1 Eurosport/TF1/Discovery Networks
Eurosport 2 Eurosport/TF1/Discovery Networks
Arte Germany / France
Prosieben Germany
SAT1 Germany
ZDF Germany
France 3 France
France 2 France
France 24 France
M6 France
Motors TV
Blue Hustler
VH1 MTV Networks/Viacom
MTV Hits MTV Networks/Viacom
MTV Rocks MTV Networks/Viacom
C Music TV
I Concerts HD
Heat BOX Television
Magic BOX Television
Luxe TV Opuntia

Overview of Icelandic TV[edit]

TV appearances[edit]

Test card for RUV[edit]

The testcard of RUV is PM5544 introduced in the 70's.

Text has been changed 3 times, minor change 5 times, returned 2 times

  • 1970-1994 - "RUV - ISLAND"
    • 1993 - "RÚV - ÍSLAND"
  • 1995 - Added time and date
  • 2000 - Remove time and date
    • Remove "ÍSLAND" and replace with the moving bar
  • 2002 - Return the 1995 version[citation needed]
  • 2006 - Return the 2000 version[citation needed]
  • 2009 - Changed to PM5644

RUV's testcard is beep, but the last 15 minutes plays classical music

Closing and opening times[edit]

RÚV still closes down at night.

  • 1966–present opens at 16:30 for weekdays and closes at 0:00.
  • 1966-2004 Weekends and holidays open at 9:00, though sometimes with midday break.
  • 2004–present weekends and holidays open at 8:00.
Stöð 2[edit]
  • 1986-1988 opens at 8:00 and close at 23:00
  • 1988-1995 opens at 6:00 and close at 0:00
  • 1995–present open 24 hours


Icelandic programming including LazyTown foreign shows with Icelandic captions.


The Amazing Race The Simpsons Beauty and the Geek Hotel Babylon (BBC Series) Mile High
The Oprah Winfrey Show Neighbours Fear Factor Wife Swap The Apprentice
Third Watch 24 Joey Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Shield
NCIS Kevin Hill Two and a Half Men The Osbournes Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Monk Shark The 4400 Nip/Tuck Prison Break
Rome Huff My Life in Film Grey's Anatomy You Are What You Eat
Punk'd Listen Up! How I Met Your Mother Missing Strong Medicine
Most Haunted The Closer NUMB3RS Entourage Cold Case
George Lopez The Bernie Mac Show Studio 60 Alias Broken News
Criminal Minds Desperate Housewives ER Little Britain Lost
Murphy's Law My Family Scrubs The Sopranos Veronica Mars
UEFA Euro 2008 Sonic X Teen Titans Teletubbies

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