Television stations in Aguascalientes

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The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes.[1][2] There are 10 television stations in Aguascalientes which are affiliated to at least one Televisa, TV Azteca, or RyTA network.


List of television networks located in the state of Aguascalientes:

Network name Flagship Programming type Owner Affiliates
Canal de las Estrellas XEW 2 soap operas, retro movies and sports Televisa 2
Canal 5 XHGC 5 cartoons, movies, and series Televisa 2
RyTA XHCGA 6 educational Estado de Aguascalientes 1
Azteca 7 XHIMT 7 sports, series, and movies TV Azteca 2
Galavisión XEQ 9 retro programming and sports Televisa 1
Azteca 13 XHDF 13 news, soap operas, and sports TV Azteca 1

List of television stations[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Network Analog ERP Digital ERP Concessionaire/Permittee
32 2 XHAGU-TV Aguascalientes Gala TV 45.84 kW 240 kW Radiotelevisora de México Norte
30 4 XHJCM-TV Aguascalientes Azteca 13 15 kW 15.89 kW Televisión Azteca
26 6 XHCGA-TV Aguascalientes RyTA 10 kW 150 kW Gobierno del Estado de Aguascalientes
15[3] 7[4] XHBD-TV Aguascalientes Canal de las Estrellas 15 kW Televimex
29 10 XHLGA-TV Aguascalientes Azteca 7 19.95 kW 15.91 kW Televisión Azteca
35 13 XHAG-TV Aguascalientes Canal 5 20 kW 240 kW Televimex
47 XHOPAG-TDT Aguascalientes Una Voz con Todos 70.97 kW Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
2 XEWO-TV Calvillo[5] Televisa independent Televimex
38 11 XHCVO-TV Calvillo Azteca 7 .5 kW 4.23 kW Televisión Azteca