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The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican Distrito Federal.[1][2] There are 15 television stations in Distrito Federal. Mexico City is home to flagship stations for all major networks.

List of television stations[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Network Analog ERP Digital ERP Concessionaire/Permittee
48 2 XEW-TV[note 1] Pico Tres Padres Canal de las Estrellas 64 kW 270 kW Televimex
49 4 XHTV-TV[note 1] Pico Tres Padres foroTV 64 kW 270 kW Televimex
50 5 XHGC-TV[note 1] Pico Tres Padres foroTV 64 kW 270 kW Televimex
24 7 XHIMT-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite Azteca 7 268.819 kW 64 kW Televisión Azteca
44 9 XEQ-TV[note 1] Pico Tres Padres Gala TV 325 kW 270 kW Televimex
33 11 XEIPN-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite Canal Once 324.072 kW 104.05 kW Instituto Politécnico Nacional
25 13 XHDF-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite Azteca 13 320 kW 63.920 kW Televisión Azteca
20 XHUNAM-TDT Ciudad Universitaria teveunam .2 kW Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
21 XHCDM-TDT Cerro del Chiquihuite Capital 21 133.57 kW Gobierno del Distrito Federal
23 22 XEIMT-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite Canal 22 2271.36 kW 116.49 kW Televisión Metropolitana, S.A. de C.V.
27 28 XHTRES-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite cadenatres 2500 kW 71.4 kW Compañia Internacional de Radio y Televisión
30 XHOPMA-TDT Cerro del Chiquihuite Una Voz con Todos 116.26 kW Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano
41 34 XHPTP-TV[note 1] Pico Tres Padres Televisión Mexiquense 3000 kW 400 kW Gobierno del Estado de México
26 40 XHTVM-TV Cerro del Chiquihuite Proyecto 40 1535.98 kW 71.4 kW Televisora del Valle de México
(operated by Azteca)
45 XHHCU-TDT Cerro del Chiquihuite Canal del Congreso 179.38 kW Congreso de la Unión


  1. ^ a b c d e The transmitter for this station is located within the State of Mexico, but the signal is licensed toward the Mexico City metropolitan area (except for XHPTP which is licensed to Pico Tres Padres itself).