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Telkom Institute of Technology
Institut Teknologi Telkom
IT Telkom Logo
Motto Center of Excellence
Established 1990
Location Bandung, Indonesia

Institut Teknologi Telkom English: Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom, formerly known as Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom or STT Telkom) (1990-2013) was a vocational university specializing in telecommunication engineering. It was established on September 28, 1990 by the Telkom Education Foundation, which is owned by PT Telkom, the semi-privatized government-owned telecommunication company of Indonesia. The school with 480.000 m² area was in Dayeuhkolot, 3 km south of Bandung. In August 2013, the institution was merged with Telkom Education Foundation's 3 other institutions, Telkom Institute of Management, Telkom Politechnics, and Telkom Creative Arts Schools to form Telkom University

IT Telkom focused on a program to support the development of telecommunication technologies and industries by providing skilled professionals.[1] In its early years of 1991 and 1992, PT Telkom provided scholarship to all students with job contracts at the company after graduation.[2]

In 2005, IT Telkom tied with China's largest telecommunication manufacturer and wireless provider, ZTE, to establish a telecommunication center at the school's campus.[3]


  1. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications
  2. Faculty of Informatics Engineering
  3. Faculty of Industrial Engineering
  4. Faculty of Science
  5. Faculty of Postgraduate


Laboratories of PPDU[edit]

Laboratories of the Faculty of Informatics Engineering[edit]

Laboratories of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communications[edit]

Laboratories of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering[edit]

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