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Tell Me More is a National Public Radio interview show hosted by journalist Michel Martin. Tell Me More was first introduced in a novel way; it was made available online in December 2006 through an "open piloting" program called "Rough Cuts." Martin and the show's producers provided a regular podcast and blog on NPR's website, testing show ideas, offering sample segments, and soliciting user feedback. It began broadcasting on April 30, 2007.[1]


Regular contributors include nationally syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette; writer Jimi Izrael; human rights lawyer Arsalan Iftikhar; "Money Coach" Alvin Hall.[1] Jimi Izrael moderates a weekly all-male segment called "The Barbershop", covering topics related to minority communities. Other segments include:

  • "Faith Matters", a forum of spiritual leaders from some of the major faith traditions discussing issues of public concern
  • "Moms", featuring parents sharing opinions on family issues, with contributors Jolene Ivey, Leslie Morgan Steiner, Asra Nomani and Dani Tucker
  • "Political Chat", a roundtable of analysts, editorial writers and columnists
  • "Wisdom Watch", featuring "elder statespeople," scholars, and activists


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