Tell Out, my Soul

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"Tell Out, my Soul" is a Christian hymn paraphrasing the Magnificat written by Tim Dudley-Smith in 1962. In its early days it was paired to a tune by Michael Baughen and published, for instance, in "Youth Praise", published by CPAS, 1966. Later, it was paired with the existing hymn tune "Woodlands" which had been composed by Walter Greatorex in 1916.[1][2]

Dudley-Smith, in a 2006 interview, agrees that the hymn was "a significant starting point in terms of his hymns being published".[3] The hymn has been broadcast during Sunday worship on BBC Radio 4,[4] and has been featured on the television programme Songs of Praise.[5]

Tell out, my soul is also the name of a CD and cassette, available from Dudley-Smith's official website.[6]


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