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Tellef Dahll Schweigaard (7 August 1806 – 27 May 1886) was a Norwegian politician.

Personal life[edit]

Schweigaard was born in Kragerø as the oldest son and second child of merchant Jørgen Fredrich Schweigaard (1771–1818) and his wife Johanne Marie Dahll (1785–1818).[1] His paternal grandfather had immigrated to Norway from Holstein.[2] He had one older sister and two younger brothers, one of whom was Anton Martin Schweigaard, a professor and ten-term member of the Norwegian Parliament.[1] As their parents died early, the four Schweigaard children were raised by relatives.[3]

Schweigaard married fellow Kragerø citizen Marie Margrethe Rømer (1814–1889). The couple had four children. Their only daughter Marie Magdalene married jurist and politician Lars Anton Nicolai Larsen-Naur. Their son Johan Elias married a daughter of Niels Anker Stang,[1] became a senior physician, and was the grandfather of judge and politician Elisabeth Schweigaard Selmer.[2] Through his brother Anton Martin, Tellef was also the uncle of later Prime Minister Christian Homann Schweigaard.[1]


Tellef Dahll Schweigaard worked as a wholesaler and timber merchant.[1]

He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from Kragerø in 1880, and served one term.[4] He had been mayor of Kragerø during the 1840s.[3]

He died in 1886 in his hometown.[1]


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