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Temba Tsheri (Nepali: तेम्बा छिरी) is a Sherpa from Rolwaling Valley, Dolkha, Nepal. On May 24, 2001, at the age of 16 years and 14 days,[1] he became the youngest ever person to climb Mount Everest. He is the youngest person to have climbed the mountain until Jordan Romero scaled it on May 22, 2010. But according to Guinness World Records, Temba Tsheri still holds the record title of 'youngest Everest Climber'.

Temba Tsheri summit Mount Everest's North side with his elder brother Ningma Tshering Sherpa was his helper (climbing sherpa) and his father Chhauwa Sherpa was expedition cook.

He started his first journey from Kathmandu for Everest in April 2000, from the Nepal side at age 14. While climbing the mountain he turned 15. Due to bad weather, he was forced to return on May 22, 2000. During this attempt, he scaled 8826 meters, whereupon he vowed to come back again.[2]

On April 9, 2001 the following year, he made a second attempt from the Tibet side. On his way up, he turned 16. On reaching the summit in the early hours of May 23, 2001 he fulfilled his dream and became the youngest climber of the highest mountain in the world. Now his dream is climb seven summit, he already summit Everest (8848m), Kilimanjaro (4810m), Elbrus (5642m). This year 2015 he is planing for McKinley (Denali) 6194m. He is owner of dreamers destination trekking & expedition p/l.

Tsheri lost five fingers altogether due to frostbite during his first attempt to climb the mountain; three on the right and two on the left.

He was sponsored by the Dholaka Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Nepal and other different organizations and educational institutions in the region. His second attempt was sponsored by Thamserku Trekking and Yeti Domestic Airlines, and his school, Siddartha Vanasthali Institute.


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