Temperature Rising (album)

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Temperature Rising
Studio album by Tata Young
Released August 24, 2006 (Asia)
JapanAugust 23, 2006 (Japan)
MalaysiaSeptember 12, 2006 (Malaysia)
PhilippinesSeptember 18, 2006 (Philippines)
Taiwan September 12, 2006 (Taiwan)
Genre Pop, R&B
Length 41:05
Label Sony BMG
Producer David Gray & Doug Banker
Tata Young chronology
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Temperature Rising
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Singles from Temperature Rising
  1. "El Nin-YO!"
  2. "Zoom"
  3. "Come Rain Come Shine"
  4. "For You I Will"

Temperature Rising is Tata Young's second English language album. It was released in 2006. The album consist of cover songs and original songs. The first single is "El Nin-YO!", from the lyrics of which the album's title comes from. ("You got my temperature rising like El Nin-YO!"). Her second single is "Zoom" which was released in September.

"Come Rain Come Shine", the third single, was used in Star World's station promo's from December 2006 to mid-2007. The promo includes footage of Tata Young singing "Come Rain Come Shine" as well as scenes from some of Star World's television shows (Everybody Loves Raymond, American Idol etc.)

Track #7, "Zoom", was covered by Ashley Tisdale on her 2007 debut album Headstrong, under the title as "Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)".

Temperature Rising was last Tata Young album released on cassette tapes, but in very small numbers produced in a short time until September 2006.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "El Nin-YO!"   Hiten Bharadia, Philippe-Marc Anquetil, Christopher Lee-Joe Lee-Joe, Anquetil 3:20
2. "Back Outta This"   Adam Anders, Nikki Hassman, Rasmus Bille Bahncke, Rene Tromborg, Samantha Jade Anders, Hassman 3:29
3. "I Want Some Of That" (Originally performed by Sarah Connor (Key to My Soul, 2003, Germany. And TLC from their album 3D) Diane Warren Alex Greggs, Danny O'Donoghue 3:32
4. "Come Rain Come Shine" (Originally performed by Jenn Cuneta (single, 2005, US)) Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Frank Lamboy, Andrew Wedeen Lamboy, Wedeen 3:49
5. "Uh Oh" (Originally performed by Rosette Sharma (Uh-Oh, 2005, Canada)) Anthony Anderson, Dane DeViller, Sean Hosein, Sharma, Steve Smith Anderson, Smith, Hosein, DeViller 3:29
6. "Betcha Neva" (Originally performed by Cherie (Cherie, 2004, USA)) Alan Ross, David James, Natasha Bedingfield Greggs, O'Donoghue 3:09
7. "Zoom"   Anders, Hassman, Bahncke, Tromborg Anders, Hassman 3:18
8. "For You I Will" (Originally performed by Monica (Space Jam, 1997, USA)) Warren Lee-Joe, Anquetil 3:58
9. "I Must Not Chase the Boys" (Originally performed by Play (Replay, 2003, Sweden)) Pam Sheyene, Bill Padley, Jem Godfrey Greggs, O'Donoghue 2:56
10. "I Guess I Never Knew My Baby"   Arnthor Birgisson, Anders Bagge, Wayne Hector, Sebastian Nylund Greggs, O'Donoghue 3:32
11. "Superhypnotic" (Originally performed by Shaggy ft. Nicole Scherzinger (Clothes Drop, 2005, USA)) Alex Cantrall, Lindy Robbins, Kenneth Karlin, Carsten "Soulshock" Schack Greggs, O'Donoghue 3:04
12. "Mila Mila" (Originally performed by Anushka Manchandani (Super, 2005, India)) English lyrics by Scott Moffat, Clint Moffat & Bob Moffat, Original Lyrics by Vipin Kakkar Sandeep Chowta 3:29
Total length:

Note: "Come Rain Come Shine" Samples from "Silly Love Songs" by McCartney and McCartney

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