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Tempest was a British progressive rock[1] band active from 1973 and 1974. Its core members were Jon Hiseman on drums and Mark Clarke on bass. They released two studio albums before breaking up.

Band biography[edit]

Hiseman and Clarke had played in Colosseum together and formed Tempest in the beginning of 1973.[2] For the band's first, eponymous album (originally called Jon Hiseman's Tempest), the line up was completed by Allan Holdsworth on guitar and Paul Williams[3][4] on vocals and keyboards.

Later in Tempest's brief history, they were joined by Ollie Halsall, who had begun playing guitar with progressive rock band Timebox. With two guitarists, the group played a number of shows including a June 1973 show at Golders Green Hippodrome, released as a bootleg called Live in London 1974.[5] By the time a second album was recorded, 1974's Living in Fear, Tempest was down to a trio, consisting of Hiseman, Clarke, and Halsall; reportedly Holdsworth didn't want to play alongside a second guitarist.[6] The band broke up soon after.

In 2007, a double CD anthology was released entitled, Under the Blossom which featured remastered editions of the two studio albums, plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks. It also included the famous 1973 BBC live recording of a concert in Golders Green, which featured both guitarists Allan Holdsworth and Ollie Halsall (in his first appearance with the band).



Studio album by Tempest
Released 1973
Recorded London, October–November 1972
Producer Jon Hiseman

Side A

  1. Gorgon (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth) – 5:41
  2. Foyers of Fun (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth) – 3:38
  3. Dark House (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth) – 5:00
  4. Brothers (Hiseman/Holdsworth) – 3:35

Side B

  1. Up and On (Edwards/Holdsworth) – 4:16
  2. Grey and Black (Clarke/Susie Bottomley) – 2:26
  3. Strangeher (Clarke/Hiseman) – 4:07
  4. Upon Tomorrow (Clem Clempson/Hiseman) – 6:15


Living in Fear[edit]

Living in Fear
Studio album by Tempest
Released 1974
Recorded London, October–November 1973
Producer Gerry Bron

Side A

  1. Funeral Empire (Halsall) – 4:25
  2. Paperback Writer (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 2:30
  3. Stargazer (Clarke/Bottomley) – 3:36
  4. Dance to My Tune (Clarke/Bottomley) – 7:50

Side B

  1. Living in Fear (Halsall) – 4:19
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeah (Halsall/Hiseman) – 3:40
  3. Waiting for a Miracle (Halsall) – 5:18
  4. Turn Around (Clarke/Bottomley) – 6:12


Under the Blossom (double CD anthology)[edit]

CD 1

  1. Gorgon
  2. Foyers of Fun
  3. Dark House
  4. Brothers
  5. Up and On
  6. Grey and Black
  7. Strangeher
  8. Upon Tomorrow
  9. Funeral Empire
  10. Paperback Writer
  11. Stargazer
  12. Dance to My Tune
  13. Living in Fear
  14. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  15. Waiting for a Miracle
  16. Turn Around

CD 2

  1. You and Your Love (previously unreleased)
  2. Dream Train (previously unreleased)
  3. Foyers of Fun (BBC Session)
  4. Gorgon (BBC Session)
  5. Up and On (BBC Session)
  6. Grey and Black (BBC Session)
  7. Brothers (BBC Session)
  8. Drums Away (BBC Session)
  9. Strangeher (BBC Session)


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