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The purpose of this template is to collect source text used in several articles in one place, in order to minimize maintenance and storage space. This is the Spain roster in the football 5-a-side tournament of the 2012 Summer Paralympics. The template is typically used in two articles: the article covering Spain at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, and the article covering the rosters of all participating teams of the tournament.

The following is the Spain squad in the football 5-a-side tournament of the 2012 Summer Paralympics.[1] view · talk

0#0 Pos. Player Age Club
1 GK González Alcaraz, ÁlvaroÁlvaro González Alcaraz 37 C.D. De Ciegos De Málaga
3 FW Giera Tejuelo, José LuisJosé Luis Giera Tejuelo 27 Once Alicante
4 MF Muñoz Pérez, FranciscoFrancisco Muñoz Pérez 26 Once Tarragona
6 DF Acosta Rodríguez, AdolfoAdolfo Acosta Rodríguez 31 Once Madrid
7 FW López Ramírez, JoséJosé López Ramírez 36 Once Tarragona
8 DF Cuadrado Freire, AlfredoAlfredo Cuadrado Freire 43 C.D. De Ciegos De Málaga
9 MF Martín Gaitán, AntonioAntonio Martín Gaitán 30 C.D. De Ciegos De Málaga
10 MF El Haddaoui Rabii, YoussefYoussef El Haddaoui Rabii 23 Once Tarragona
11 MF Rosado Carrasco, MarceloMarcelo Rosado Carrasco 33 C.D. De Ciegos De Málaga
13 GK Díaz Ortín, RaúlRaúl Díaz Ortín 32 Once Murcia


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