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AKC standard breed standard at the official American Kennel Club website

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This is a template to generate links to American Kennel Club. This template should be used exclusively for breeds, that are part of the AKC.


  1. Search on akc.org for the breed you want. On the Wikipedia page of the breed concerned this can often be done conveniently with the link produced by previewing {{AKC standard}}. This may not work if the AKC breed name is more or different from the Wikipedia listed breed name.
  2. Click on the correct link to go to the breed's page. Be sure you're getting on the correct breed page.
  3. The page URL should look like http://www.akc.org/breeds/#######/index.cfm, where "#######" indicates a the breed name.
  4. Copy ONLY that name (be sure to remove the "/index.cfm" and to keep all the underscores)
  5. Add to the external links section the text:
{{AKC standard|#######|Name}}
where "#######" is the breed you've copied, and "Name" is the desired name of the breed.


  1. On the breed page Affenpinscher, preview {{AKC standard}} and search using the link Affenpinscher produced. You'll get to this page: http://www.akc.org/breeds/affenpinscher/index.cfm
  2. Copy "affenpinscher" and then add this breed as parameter:
{{AKC standard|affenpinscher}}

The result on the breed page Affenpinscher is:

Affenpinscher breed standard at the official American Kennel Club website.

Typically this is a list item in the external links section (even if there is only one link), so you should add "*" in front.

2nd example[edit]

  1. Searching for the Chihuahua (dog), you'll get to this page: http://www.akc.org/breeds/chihuahua/index.cfm
  2. Copy "chihuahua" and then write:
{{AKC standard|chihuahua|Chihuahua}}

The result on the breed page Chihuahua is:

Chihuahua breed standard at the official American Kennel Club website