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Remaining steps to list Afd3 starter for deletion:

1. Replace "cat=U" in the box below with an appropriate category for the article being deleted:

cat=M Media and music
cat=O Organisation, corporation, or product
cat=B Biographical
cat=S Society topics
cat=W Web or internet
cat=G Games or sports
cat=T Science and technology
cat=F Fiction and the arts
cat=P Places and transportation
cat=I Indiscernible or unclassifiable topic
cat=U Debate not yet sorted

2. Replace "Reason" in the below text box with your reason for nominating this article. Do not modify the other text. Your signature has been added automatically.

3. Enter the line below as your edit summary on this page (don't save yet):

Creating deletion discussion for [[Afd3 starter]]

4. Edit today's AfD log and copy the following line to the top of the list on that page:

{{subst:afd3|pg=Afd3 starter}}

5. Enter the line below as your edit summary on the log page (this will already be present if you used the link in step 4):

Adding [[Template:Afd3 starter]]

6. Save this page first, followed by the log page.

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This template is shown as the introduction when creating articles for deletion subpages. It is linked from Template:AfDM.