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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}

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Code format:

({{Bibleverse|BOOK|c:v–c:v|SOURCE (optional)}})
Note parentheses: (See WP:EL). Inline external links (this template links offsite) must be separated from the article text by parentheses. (Parentheses are deliberately not included in this template to allow for flexible usage.)
{{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:1|KJV}} yields: Genesis 1:1

In text, with parentheses, this looks like this (Genesis 1:1).


This template is used to provide sources for Bible verse references. See the talk page for more usages, examples and source codes.

  • You can use shorthand for the names, such as 1 Sam or Deut.
  • Verse references may be simplified (for example, no range or entire chapter).
  • Use a hyphen, not a dash, to separate ranges. The dash does not work in all operating system and browser combinations.

List of sources

A list of sources and codes that may be used to trigger them is at Bible Verse Finder.

Here is a sample list (this list is subject to change, please check link above): Use either letter abbreviations in caps or the numerical value.

Code Number Title
AB 45 Amplified Bible (Bible Gateway)
ASV 8 American Standard Version (Bible Gateway)
BBC 122 BibleCommenter.com (BibleHub commentaries)
DAR 16 Darby Translation (Bible Gateway)
63 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (Bible Gateway)
ESV 47 English Standard Version (Bible Gateway)
HCSB 77 Holman Christian Standard Bible (Bible Gateway)
HE 105 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JPS 1917 (Mechon Mamre)
JP 125 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JP 1964 Tanakh (Jewish Bible)
JPR 126 Hebrew-English - parallel MT and JP 1964 with Rashi's commentary
KJ21 48 21st Century King James Version (Bible Gateway)
KJV 9 King James Version (Bible Gateway)
TM 65 The Message (Bible Gateway)
NAB 130 New American Bible (USCCB)
NASB 49 New American Standard Bible (Bible Gateway)
NIV 31 New International Version (Bible Gateway)
NKJV 50 New King James Version (Bible Gateway)
NLT 51 New Living Translation (Bible Gateway)
NRSV 131 New Revised Standard Version (Oremus)
WNT 53 Wycliffe New Testament (Bible Gateway)
YLT 15 Young's Literal Translation (Bible Gateway)

Alternative version

An alternative version of this template is available that does not include the book name: Template:Bibleverse-nb. It can be used to create lists of verses, e.g. [[Book of Exodus|Exodus]] {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|1:2–3|HE}}; {{Bibleverse-nb||Exodus|13:10|HE}} produces: Exodus 1:2–3; 13:10


  • Example1: {{Bibleverse|1 Samuel|3:16–4:18|31}} produces a link to the NIV translation (source #31): 1 Samuel 3:16–4:18
  • Example1: {{Bibleverse|1 Sam|3:16–4:18|31}} produces a link to the NIV translation (source #31): 1 Samuel 3:16–4:18
  • Example2: {{Bibleverse|Genesis|1:15–16|HE}} produces: Genesis 1:15–16

Template data

A template to generate a link to selected Bible editions at several sites including biblegateway.com. This template will create a link with the name of the book and specified chapter and verse, or range of chapters and verses, or just an entire chapter. Use Bibleverse-nb to create a link without the book name in the anchor text of the link.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
Book 1 The name of the book. Formats are listed at tools.wmflabs.org/bibleversefinder/biblebooks_bibleref.txt string empty empty required
Chapter:verse 2 The chapter and verse to be cited. Also, the range to be cited, or just the chapter. For example: '5:4', '1:1–2', '21:1–24:7' or '6'. Do not include any spaces. string empty empty required
Source 3 The edition to be cited. Leave blank to generate a list of links to all available editions. Given in common abbreviations (e.g., 'KJV', 'NIV') or according to the numbers or abbreviations listed at tools.wmflabs.org/bibleversefinder/bibleversefinder.php#srcref string empty empty optional