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This template has the potential to cause conflict on the inclusion of various groups. In an attempt to avoid these issues the following rules for addition have been proposed:

  1. There should be documented evidence that the organization in its doctrines or the leader, not just a few members, have promoted a Black supremacist ideology. IE: An individual Black Hebrew Israelite may be a Black Supremacist but the organization is not.
  2. The documentation should be from a reputable source: the organization itself, a group such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, etc. News reports and statements from individual people, regardless of their notability or expert status, should be avoided if possible because, individuals tend to blur the line between a few members and the organization or they mislabel an organization based on their personal opinion and not fact. IE: An individual may think of the Sons of Confederate Veterans as a hate group because of their political opinions or the opinions of their members, but that doesn't make them a supremacist group.
  3. Black separatism, Black nationalism and Black Power are not racist ideologies in the same way that White Power, White nationalism, and White separatism are. A group's adherence to these ideologies alone does not make them a Black supremacist organization although a Black supremacist organization may claim to adhere to them.
  4. Questions and proposed changes for these rules should be posted on the talk page.