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The Boston Road Transportation navbox is provided as an aid to navigating several articles related to roads, bridges, tunnels and associated infrastructure within Boston, Massachusetts. Also included are the integral and concurrent routes Interstate 95 and Massachusetts Route 128, which pass within 1 kilometer of West Roxbury and serve that section of Boston with an exit at Great Plain Avenue, and U.S. Route 3, which begins at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Memorial Drive just beyond the north end of the Harvard Bridge over the Charles River between Cambridge and Boston. Source: Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation.


This navbox is for use on the pages that are linked within it. For normal use, the navbox is entered into an article with {{Boston Road Transportation}}. The default state of the navbox is "autocollapse" which means it will be collapsed in the presence of other navboxes stacked at the bottom of the page and shown full size when by itself. To hide this navbox when it is on a page by itself, a single parameter is included, entered as: {{Boston Road Transportation|hide}}.