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Home breadcrumb.svg

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This template can be used to create navigation breadcrumbs, inspired by those at WikiProject Accessibility.

It should not be used in article space.


  • rootimg - the filename of an image to use for the topmost "root" element. Defaults to "Home breadcrumb.svg" (Home breadcrumb.svg)
  • rootlink - where the above image should link to. Defaults to Main Page
  • roottext - text for an optional first "root" link. Defaults to none.
  • other parameters - links to use as breadcrumbs (currently supports up to 5)


{{Breadcrumb2|[[Nature]]|[[Animal]]s|[[Exploding animal]]s|[[Exploding whale]]}}

Home breadcrumb.svg >Nature >Animals >Exploding animals >Exploding whale

{{Breadcrumb2|rootimg = Crystal Clear app help index.png|rootlink = Help:Contents|[[Help:Contents/Getting started|Getting started]]|[[Help:Navigation|Navigation]] }}

Crystal Clear app help index.png >Getting started >Navigation

{{Breadcrumb2|rootimg = Question book magnify2.svg|rootlink = Help:Contents|roottext = Help|[[Help:Contents/Getting started|Getting started]]|[[Help:Navigation|Navigation]]}}

Question book magnify2.svg Help >Getting started >Navigation

See also[edit]

  • {{Breadcrumb}} - similar template with a different appearance, more like MediaWiki's subpage links