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[broken citation]

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This template may be placed in line within an article, next to the specific citation (or citations) that is broken. A "broken" citation is one that does not provide enough (correct and complete) information to positively identify it, for verifiability. For a simple broken link to an online source, use {{dead link}}.


You may use the following format:

{{Citation broken|date=March 2015}}

The template should be placed outside the reference (<ref> ... </ref>), within the article's text:

Factual statement.<ref>Incomplete or incorrect reference</ref>{{Citation broken|date=March 2015}} Next sentence.

This template adds the article to Category:Articles with unsourced statements or its dated subcategory.

For articles or sections that have serious problems with broken citations, use {{citations broken}} to place a notice at the top of the article or section.

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