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Don't use this template on any page which doesn't have a speedy deletion tag. This template should not be substituted. Never replace a speedy deletion tag with this template; this template is placed in addition to an existing speedy tag.

The CSD5 template message is placed at the top of a page marked with a speedy deletion tag when you are actively working on or investigating a rewrite that would salvage the article from the speedy deletion basis. Use of this tag requires quick action—endorse, post your rewrite, or place {{under contruction}} within five minutes or expect the article to be deleted immediately after that time. While the tag instructs that if it is just left in place after five minutes, that should be taken as abandonment, please do remove the tag if you conclude you will not be attempting to salvage the article through a rewrite. This tag should never be placed by the person who created the page it is placed on. This tag should never be applied to attack pages, copyright violations, obvious tests, vandalism, patent nonsense and other unsuitable material.

This template takes no parameters.

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