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Did you mean to go to Template:Casenav/data (edit) or Template:ArbComOpenTasks?

Edits to this template are rarely required during routing clerking duties, so you may be in the wrong place. If you've created a shortcut for a case (e.g. WP:ARBPIA for Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Palestine-Israel articles) and wish for it to be automatically displayed in the case's casenav box, you are looking for Template:Casenav/shortcut.

Main case page (Talk) — Evidence (Talk) — Workshop (Talk) — Proposed decision (Talk)

Target dates: Opened • Evidence closes Unless specified otherwise, two weeks after case opens • Workshop closes Unless specified otherwise, a further one week • Proposed decision posted Unless specified otherwise, last one week

Case clerk: [[User:|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]])Drafting arbitrator: TBD