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  • This template forms part of Template:Christian theology, so any amendments made here must also work there.
  • Alternative backgrounds for the overall titlebar, the section headingbars and the groupnames within the Protestant theology section may be set using, respectively, the parameters titlestyle, headingstyle and groupstyle. For instance:
{{Christian theology by tradition |titlestyle=background:skyblue; |headingstyle=background:skyblue; |groupstyle=background:#ff9;}}
...will render the template with backgrounds used in a previous version.

How to manage this template's collapsible groups/sections option

This template uses {{Navbox with collapsible groups}}. When it first appears, one of its groups/sections may be set to be visible ("expanded") while the others remain hidden apart from their titlebars ("collapsed"). To achieve this, include the parameter |group/section  where group/section is one of the following names identifying the groups/sections (omit any speech or quote marks):
 Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant

For example: {{Christian theology by tradition |Protestant}}

How to manage this template's visibility

  • Use  {{Christian theology by tradition |collapsed}}  to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state.
Use  {{Christian theology by tradition |expanded}}  to show this template in its expanded (fully visible) state.
Use  {{Christian theology by tradition |autocollapse}}  to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state only if there is another template of the same type on the page.
  • collapsed has been set as the default state.