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To add this template to an article, use {{Christianity}}. It will then appear in the article as shown opposite.

This template uses {{collapsible list}}s, i.e. sections (lists) that may be hidden ("collapsed") or revealed using the [hide/show] links on the righthand sides of the sections' headings. To set the template to appear:

  • with only its Denominations/Groups section already revealed, use {{Christianity |groupings}};
  • with none of its sections revealed – i.e. at its most compact – use {{Christianity |collapsed}}.

The cross icon next to the portal link at the bottom of the template may be replaced with an ichthys (Christian fish) icon by adding the parameter  |portalicon=ichthys  (i.e. {{Christianity |portalicon=ichthys}}, or, if  |groupings  is also set, {{Christianity |groupings |portalicon=ichthys}} ).

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