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Provides an easy way to cite data from the Impact Field Studies Group Impact Database maintained by David Rajmon.

The major advantage of this template is that the appearance of the citation will change to conform with {{Cite web}} which sees more frequent maintenance.


Parameter Instructions
{{cite IFSG Impact DB
| name =
| date = 
| version =
| accessdate = 
crater name from Impact Database   (Required)
Date of publication                (Recommended)
Database version (i.e. 2009.2)     (Recommended)
Full retrieval date                {Optional)


{{Cite IFSG Impact DB | name = Alamo | version = 2009.2 | accessdate = 2010-03-16}}


Rajmon, D. "Impact Database 2009.2". Impact Field Studies Group. entry for "Alamo". Retrieved 2010-03-16. 

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