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Template:Country data Canada is an internal data container not intended to be transcluded directly. It is used indirectly by templates such as flag, flagicon, and others.

See also: Flag of Canada

Standard parameters

Parameter name Value Meaning
alias Canada Main article name (Canada)
flag alias Flag of Canada.svg Image name (File:Flag of Canada.svg, shown on right)

Flag variants

For more details on this topic, see Flag of Canada.
Label Flag image (40px) Image name
1868 Canadian Red Ensign 1868-1921.svg Canadian Red Ensign 1868-1921.svg
1921 Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957.svg Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957.svg
1957 Canadian Red Ensign 1957-1965.svg Canadian Red Ensign 1957-1965.svg
1964 Flag of Canada (1964).svg Flag of Canada (1964).svg
naval-1868 Canadian Blue Ensign 1868-1921.svg Canadian Blue Ensign 1868-1921.svg
naval-1911 Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
naval-1921 Canadian Blue Ensign 1921-1957.svg Canadian Blue Ensign 1921-1957.svg
naval-1957 Canadian Blue Ensign 1957-1965.svg Canadian Blue Ensign 1957-1965.svg
air force-1924 Royal Canadian Air Force Ensign (1941-1968).svg Ensign of the Royal Canadian Air Force.svg
1867-official Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg
naval Naval Ensign of Canada.svg Naval Jack of Canada.svg
air force Royal Canadian Air Force ensign.svg Royal Canadian Air Force ensign.svg

Military ensigns

This template includes a naval ensign flag variant that can be used with Template:Navy:

This template includes an air force ensign flag variant that can be used with Template:Air force:

This nation's army ensign is the same as its national flag, so Template:Army produces the following:

Redirect aliases

This template can also be used via an alias name (implemented as a redirect to this template):
Alias name {{flag|alias}} output {{flagcountry|alias}} output
CAN (view)  CAN  Canada
Dominion of Canada (view)  Dominion of Canada  Canada

See What links here for a full list of redirects.

Example usage

  • {{flag|Canada}} Canada
  • {{flagicon|Canada}}Canada

Using a flag variant

  • {{flag|Canada|1868}} Canada
  • {{flagicon|Canada|1868}}Canada

Using a redirect alias

  • {{flagicon|CAN}}Canada
  • {{flagcountry|CAN}} Canada
  • {{flag|CAN}} CAN

Other information

Country_data templates are also available for each of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada:

Template:Country data Alberta  Alberta
Template:Country data British Columbia  British Columbia
Template:Country data Manitoba  Manitoba
Template:Country data New Brunswick  New Brunswick
Template:Country data Newfoundland and Labrador  Newfoundland and Labrador
Template:Country data Northwest Territories  Northwest Territories
Template:Country data Nova Scotia  Nova Scotia
Template:Country data Nunavut  Nunavut
Template:Country data Ontario  Ontario
Template:Country data Prince Edward Island  Prince Edward Island
Template:Country data Quebec  Quebec
Template:Country data Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan
Template:Country data Yukon  Yukon


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Country data Canada

This template should not be used directly. It is used indirectly by flag templates such as Template:Flag and Template:Flagicon. See Category:Flag template system for a full list of flag templates and Wikipedia:WikiProject Flag Template for further documentation.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Status
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