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This template is used to provide links to pages in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's database at http://www.cwgc.org.


{{cwgc cemetery and name|nnnnn|name|accessdate=}}

  • nnnnn is the database number found in the Commission's url.
  • name is the name of the cemetery
  • If included, the optional parameter accessdate= will enable the editor to show the date the database was accessed.


The url for Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery is http://www.cwgc.org/search/cemetery_details.aspx?cemetery=51602&mode=1.

Extract the 51602 and add it to the template and add the name as the second parameter and |accessdate= as the third:

{{cwgc cemetery and name|51602|Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery|accessdate=29 January 2015}}

This produces direct links to three of the four parts of the cemetery register:

Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery:

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