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This template must be accompanied by the appropriate copyright tag. It often accompanies {{PD-US}}.

The reason argument is optional but is recommended for clarifying the reason as to why the work should not be moved to Commons. For the situation where a work of non-US origin is free content in the United States while being subject to copyright restrictions in its country of origin, the parameter USonly can be given as reason=USonly to supply a standard explanation about the work being non-free in its country of origin.

The template takes an optional argument expiry that hides the message at the end of the given year. For example, if a work by an author who died in 1950 was first published in a country whose copyright term is life plus 70 years, expiry would be 2020, and the message would automatically disappear in 2021, when the image would be automatically placed into Category:Media now suitable for Commons.


{{Do not move to Commons}}
Always shows the template.
{{Do not move to Commons|expiry=2020}}
Shows the message until December 31, 2020, but hides it starting January 1, 2021.
{{Do not move to Commons|reason=USonly}}
For situations where a work of non-US origin is free content in the United States but non-free or potentially non-free in its country of origin.
{{Do not move to Commons|reason=Other reason}}
For situations where more clarification as to why it should not be uploaded to Commons is needed.

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