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Institutions of the European Union [1]
Europarl logo.svg
European Parliament

- Lower house of the legislature -

European Council logo.svg
European Council

- Provides impetus and direction -

EU Consilium Logo.svg
Council of the European Union

- Upper house of the legislature -

European Commission Logo.gif
European Commission

- Executive -

European Parliament
Members of the European Council 2011
EU Council room
European Commission building
  • is the "government"
  • submits proposals for new legislation to the Parliament and to the Council
  • implements EU policy and administers the budget
  • ensures compliance with EU law ("guardian of the treaties")
  • negotiates international treaties
  • based in Brussels
No image wide.svg Court of Justice of the European Union

- Judiciary -

European Court of Auditors

- Financial auditor -

Logo European Central Bank.svg
European Central Bank

- Monetary executive (central bank) -

No image wide.svg
ECJ room
ECA building
European Central Bank
  1. ^ Consolidated version of the Treaty on European Union/Title III: Provisions on the Institutions