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{{En icon}} is a template usually used to indicate to readers that an external link is in a foreign language (English); no parameters are needed.

It should generally be placed after the external link, although this is not set in stone. For more information, see the Manual of Style.

The template uses the {{link language}} format, but is shortened by simply having the name {{xx icon}}, where xx represents the language code. These can be found in the "Alpha-2" column of the list of ISO 639 codes.

For citations, the language parameter of the various citation templates ({{cite web}}, {{cite news}}, {{cite journal}}, etc) should be used instead.

On a side note, please be aware that language codes do not always coincide with country codes (see the list of ISO 3166-1 codes).

Category:Language icon templates contains a full list of the templates that can be used.

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Please do not use {{en icon}} on the English-language Wikipedia unless there is a reason why the reader would assume that a source is not in English.

For example, if a reference had a foreign-language title, but English contents, the template would be appropriate. It may also be appropriate for multilingual references, where another language icon alone would lead the reader to believe the source was entirely in that language. However, the reader should otherwise automatically assume that the reference is in English, and so the template is not needed.

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