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For the template used to show the flag of Spain, see Template:ESP.
For the template used for responding to requests for edits to semi-protected pages, see Template:ESp.
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{{e-sp}}, a more padded version of {{e}}, is intended to facilitate and make uniform scientific notation numbers.

To render, for example,

3.14 × 10−12



instead of


Note that the parameter is text, not a number; it can include variables that can be italicized, etc. This also means that using a hyphen (-) and a minus sign (−) with negative numbers gives different results:

3.14{{e-sp|-12}} yields: 3.14 × 10-12
3.14{{e-sp|&minus;12}} yields: 3.14 × 10−12
3.14{{e-sp|−12}} yields: 3.14 × 10−12
3.14{{e-sp|''z'' − ''y''}}  yields: 3.14 × 10zy

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