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This template is generated by {{Expand language}}. It is used to mark articles that are better in French Wikipedia than in English Wikipedia, and thus should be translated from French into English.


To mark an article, tag it with

{{Expand French|Frencharticletitle|date=March 2015}}

This template places articles in the category Category:Articles needing translation from French Wikipedia.

Optional parameters

Foreign language featured articles can be marked using fa=yes, as in

{{Expand French|fa=yes|date=March 2015}}

Topics can be indicated using the topic= parameter. Doing so will place them in a subcategory. For example

{{Expand French|Abancourt, Oise|topic=geo}}

This template places articles in the category Category:Geography articles needing translation from French Wikipedia.

Topics recognised are:

value topic
bio Biography
culture Culture
geo Geography
gov Government and politics
hist History
mil Military
pacommune Pyrénées-Atlantiques communes
sci Science
sport Sports
struct Building and structure
tech Technology
transport Transport