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This is a template for linking to entries in the Fotopedia database. Sample usage is as follows:

 {{Fotopedia | id = Chicago_Water_Tower | title = Chicago Water Tower | accessdate = 2011-08-19}}


  • id. Required: "the page name", it consists of the string of characters as per Wikipedia's raleted page.
  • title. Recommended: the name of the linked-to article, as it appears in Fotopedia. If omitted, the name of the referencing Wikipedia page is used. name can be used instead of title.
  • accessdate. Optional: the access date, if Fotopedia is being cited as a reference. Should normally be omitted when merely including the Fotopedia entry as an external link in an article.
  • nolink. Optional: set to any value to turn off linking of Fotopedia, to avoid overlinking in articles with multiple calls to this template.

This template is for linking "pages" entries only; for "projects" entries use {{Fotopedia projects}}.