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Full name {{{Long_name}}}
Founded {{{Founded}}}
Base {{{Base}}}
Founder/s {{{Founder}}}
Team principal/s {{{Principal}}}


Foe use as a template for GP3 teams.

see Arden International for an example

Based off the GP2 team template of the same format.

Cut-and-paste pro forma:[edit]

{{GP3 team
|Team_name                      = country flag + Name
|Logo                           = link to the image "[[File:xxx.png]]"
|Long_name                      = complete name
|Founded                        = year of foundation
|Base                           = base location
|Founder                        = Founder's name (with flag)
|Principal                      = Principal name (with flag)
|Engineering_Head               = if there is one: flag + name
|Director                       = if there is one: frag + name
|GP3 Series season              = Write actual season (with link)
|Main Drivers                   = number of cars + flags + names
|Main Test Drivers              = if there are: number of cars + flags + names 
|GP3 Series                     = "GP3 Series" is the title
|Debut                          = year (with link to the season)
|Races                          = number
|Final                          = last race
|Cons_champ                     = number of constructor's championship titles
|Drivers_champ                  = number of Driver's championship titles
|Wins                           = number
|Poles                          = number
|Fastest_laps                   = number
|Other Series                   = "Other Series" is the title
|Current Series                 = names of series
|Former Series                  = names of series
|Driver titles                  = titles
|Team titles                    = titles