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This template is about the essentials of modern human sexuality as currently scientifically and societally understood, including sexological topics. It is not a template related to various sexual acts and their offshoots; for that, see {{Sex}}. Before considering adding an item to this template, try to find a more specific navigation template, if one exists. When adding or removing an item from the template, be sure to make the appropriate change to the target page as well.

How to manage this template's visibility

  • Use  {{Human sexuality |collapsed}}  to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state.
Use  {{Human sexuality |expanded}}  to show this template in its expanded (fully visible) state.
Use  {{Human sexuality |autocollapse}}  to show this template in its collapsed (hidden) state only if there is another template of the same type on the page.
  • Unless set otherwise (see state parameter within the template's code), autocollapse is the default state.

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