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This template can add a label to a wikilink to obtain a better readable link. We can use this to create this link:
[[Demotic (Egyptian)|Egyptian demotic]]

  • With label: [[{{ISO 15924/wp-name|Egyd}}{{ISO 15924/wp-name/label|Egyd}}]]Egyptian demotic

Current list

At is moment of writing, labels provided are:

| Egyd = Egyptian demotic
| Hrkt = Katakana or Hiragana
| Qaaa = ISO 15924
| Qabx = ISO 15924
| Syre = Syriac alphabet
| Syrj = Syriac alphabet
| Syrn = Syriac alphabet
| Zinh = ISO 15924
| Zxxx = ISO 15924
| Zyyy = ISO 15924
| Zzzz = ISO 15924


By default the pipe symbol is added when a label exists. Setting the option add pipe=no will return no pipe.

When no label is needed (the page name is good right away), the template returns a blank:

  • No label needed: [[{{tlx|ISO 15924/wp-name|Latn}}{{tlx|ISO 15924/wp-name/label|Latn}}]]Latin script

See also

General information on ISO 15924 templates


Overview of ISO 15924 templates
Item Publisher Details Example Definition in template Usage in page Notes
Code ISO 15924 Alpha-4 Arab {{ISO 15924 code}} {{ISO 15924/footer}}, /doc
Number ISO 15924 Range 000–999 234 {{ISO 15924 number}}
Name ISO 15924 Descriptive name {{ISO 15924 name}}
ISO name can differ from
Unicode (alias) name
Alias1 ISO 159242 Script name as used in Unicode Arabic {{ISO 15924 alias}}
Script direction Unicode
Can vary per character, but all Unicode
scripts (so far) have a single main direction
rtl {{ISO 15924 direction}}
WP-name en:Wikipedia WP content page name for the script Arabic script {{ISO 15924/wp-name}}
WP-category en:Wikipedia WP category name for the script Arabic script {{ISO 15924/wp-category}} Category:Arabic script
Script example
en:Wikipedia Example character in userboxes ع {{ISO 15924/script-example-character}}   User boxes e.g. Category:User Arab
Overview & relation
ISO – Unicode
en:Wikipedia {{ISO 15924 script codes and Unicode}}
Redirect en:Wikipedia Redirect template {{R from ISO 15924 code}} Redirects
Overview en:Wikipedia Overview for templates check {{ISO 15924/overview}}
Subpages en:Wikipedia list Special:PrefixIndex/Template:ISO_15924
  • 1 Property Value Alias.
  • 2 The alias name is decided by the Unicode Consortium, and is also included in the ISO 15924 data tables.

ISO updates

The ISO 15924 list of script codes is updated regularly, usually at least once a year. The current list is complete as of 15 November 2014, and defines 175 codes (code, number, script name).

Note: when resolving red links or wrong links, edit {{ISO 15924/wp-name}} or {{ISO 15924/wp-category}}. That is where the connection between ISO code and Wikipedia names is made.


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